Win Pen Pack

WinPenPack is a suite that includes more than 100 free programs and tools. The package consists of the following programs:

Photofiltre (Image processing software)
IrfanView (Image viewer)
Paint Star (Graphic editor)
X-Gimp (Graphic editor)
X-PosteRazor (You can turn photos into posters.)

X-Firefox (Web browser)
X-OrbitDownloader (Download manager)
X-WackGet (Download manager)
nPOP (Mail program – gMail supported)
X-PopTray (Mail program)
X-Thunderbird (Mail program)
Great News (RSS reader)
X-FileZilla (FTP program)
X-Nvu (HTML editor like Dreamweaver)
Pixa MSN (Mini Messenger)
X-Amsn (similar to MSN Messenger)
X-Miranda (MultiMessenger, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ in one program)
X- Pidgin (MultiMessenger, MSN, ICQ, AIM in one program)
X-Http File Server (File server)
X-Mule (File sharing program)
X-MetMedic (File sharing program)
X-vDCplusplus (File sharing program)
uTorrent (Torrent program)
Dynamic torrent searcher (Torrent file search program.)

Checkmate Mp3 Checker (MP3 error search program)
X-CDCheck (CD / DVD checking program)
X-DVDIdentifier (You can learn the features of your DVD + R / + RW e DVD-R / -RW printer.)
X-xCollect (Catalog software)
X -GSpot (Multimedia information tool)
Mega MP3 Splitter (Mp3 splitting tool)
WavTrim (MP3 encoder)
X-Audacity (Audio editor)
X-CUESplitter (MP3 splitting tool)
X-Tractor (You can convert your Audio CDs to MP3 format.)
X- AviSplit (AVI splitter)
X-CombiMovie (Video editor)
X-VirtualDub (Video editor: DivX included)
X-InfraRecorder (CD / DVD burning program)
MultiMediaCenter (Multimedia Center)
Billy (Audio player)
MPUI with MPlayer (Media Player)
X-Media Player Classic (Media Player)
X-VideoLAN (Multimedia Player)
X-ScreamerRadio (Internet Radio)

X-ClamWin (Antivirus program)
HiJackThis! (Anti-Malware)
X-Eraser (File deletion program)
PrivateDisk Light (File encryption program)
LockNote (Text file encryption program)
X-KeePass (Password vault)
X-Winpooch (Notification for services running on Windows)

X-Abakt (Backup program)
winMd5Sum (MD5 calculator)
X-7Zip (file compression program like Winrar)
X-WinDirStat (Disk usage statistics program)
SIW (Hardware and software information program)
X-CurrProcess (Task manager)
CCleanerPortable (Unnecessary File deletion program)
DiskCleaner (Program for deleting unnecessary files)
EasyCleaner (Registry cleaning and optimization program)
Restoration (You can retrieve deleted files.)
jv16 PowerTools (System optimization software)
RegSeeker (Registry cleaning and optimization software)
DSyncronize (File and folder synchronization tool )
ICEMirror (synchronization program)
X-SwitchOff (You can automatically turn off your computer at a time you specify.)
Starter (You can see the programs running at Windows startup, delete unnecessary ones.)
X-TaskSwitchXP (Windows Task Manager)

X-ESBCalc (Scientific calculator)
Calendar (Calendar program)
Essential PIM (Agenda program)
X-Sunbird (Agenda and calendar)
X-Scribus (Desktop publishing and magazine preparation program)
GUIPdftk + Pdftk (PDF tool)
X-FoxitReader ( PDF Reader)
X-Tomahawk PDF (You can convert Word documents to PDF.)
X-Gnumeric (Microsoft Excel-like calculation program)
iCarbon (Photocopy program)
Money Manager Ex (Personal finance manager)
X-OpenOffice (Microsoft Office alternative office software. Word , Excel, Powerpoint, Access equivalents and drawing and math program available)
X-ANote (Note taking program)
X-ATnotes (Note taking program)
Notepad ++ (Text editor)
X-SciTE (Text editor for programmers)
Free Translator (Dictionary)
X-Abiword (MS Word alternative word processing program)

X-AgentRansack (File search program)
TextDiff (File comparison program)
Split File (File split-merge program)
Cubic Explorer (File manager)
Free Commander (File manager)
Virtual Magnifying Glass (Magnifier program)
Ant Renamer (File naming program)
MWSnap (Screen capture tool)
X-AviScreen (You can save screenshots in AVI format.)
X-VirtuaWin (Virtual desktop program)

Java Runtime Environment